Friday, May 17, 2013

Pantry Makeover

We have a great sized pantry and I have always felt that the space has been wasted.  We have those delightful wire shelving units and we can't even get to the back of our pantry without closing the door and doing an awkward dance.  There are so many amazing pantry's on Pinterest and I decided that we needed to do something.
We pulled out everything and used the prefabricated shelves and attached them onto 1" x 2" boards and used a few L-braces to support the shelves in the middle.  The kids tested out the shelves and they are nice and sturdy.  The process was easier than I thought and we now have room to store everything and actually use the items in the pantry.  We even made a spot for our garbage can to keep it out of sight.

My son with Uncle Jake testing the shelves.
Uncle Jake helping test out the shelves again.

We decided to overlap the smaller shelves onto the larger ones to give them support and hopefully us more room.  I love that the garbage can is tucked away and that we can open the door.  We even have a spot to hang up our broom and dustpan and room to stick in our mail.
Over at House of Hepworths there is a great tutorial on how to install shelving in a closet.

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