Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mermaid Birthday

So it has been awhile... I am trying to figure out how to juggle, my responsibilities as a wife and a mother with volunteering at school and with church and I often wonder how other women seem to keep up with everything.  Sometimes I see incredible stuff on a blog and then I notice that that woman has older children and I think OK maybe when I get to that point in life.  Then I find other blogs that are run by women who have  more children than I do and one of them is a newborn.  One day I will figure it out but I have not yet arrived at that point.

I wanted to share my daughters mermaid party.  We have a tradition that I decorate the house the night before their birthday and they wake up to a day of fun surprises.  This year I was going for an under the water feel so I stuck with blues and greens and threw in some purple (my daughters current favorite color.)

My husband painted the sign that would greet her friends as they came into the party on some scrap wood that we had lying around.

I made the favor bags out of these purple bags I found at the dollar store 3 for $1.  I used freezer paper to make a stencil of a mermaid and I put in headbands that I made for the girls.

These necklaces were the treasure that the girls found on a treasure hunt that my 7 year old son designed for them.  He wrote glues on sea shells that led to a treasure box full of jewels fit for a mermaid.

We drank Ocean Potion - Blue Hawaiian punch mixed with sprite and some cream of coconut/

We went fishing for a prize and all the girls got a pearl ring.

Here's the beautiful birthday girl with her ocean cupcakes topped with an oyster.

We played a few other games and ate some of my daughters favorite foods.  I will share some of that next time as I get the pictures edited.