Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May the Fourth be With You!

This Saturday just so happens to be Star Wars Day. You didn't know about Star Wars day? Well I just discovered it last year and we celebrated by making t-shirts and watching a few of the episodes. This year we are going to have a party and watch the shows and of course, eat food. Parties are always about the food... Anyways before we get to the food we need something to wear which means I get to make more t-shirts.
 Here is a look at last years shirts:

I used a free stencil from online and my Silhouette. I have to say that I do not paper craft or scrapbook I just can't seem to put things together and have it look nice but I really like making t-shirts for my kids and I found out about heat transfer vinyl and I purchased my Silhouette, it is the earlier version but it still works great.
The Silhouette at work.

There are some great Star Wars stencils here and here at stencil swap.  Unfortunately my kids wanted something different this year so I found some coloring pages online and used my trace feature in my Silhouette program.  I am still really new to this blogging thing and have no idea how to do screen shots or anything fancy but at Keeping it Simple she has a great tutorial with using the silhouette's trace feature.

 With the Silhouette it is easy to cut out the heat transfer vinyl, make sure that you mirror image the design that you are cutting and put the vinyl with the shiny side down.  Then once the image is cut weed out the unwanted parts of the image and iron on.  When you iron on the image make sure that you have a light-weight material over the vinyl like a pillowcase or a Teflon sheet.  I usually have my iron on the hottest setting and then just move the iron over the image.

This was made with Glow in the Dark heat transfer vinyl.

Here are the links for the pictures that I used:
Princess Leia
Queen Amidala
Luke and Vadar Fighting
Millenium Falcon

If you don't have a fancy cutter try making a stencil out of freezer paper and paint the design on or if you have steady hands you can always cut heat transfer vinyl out with a razor...

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