Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Painting Countertops

With our new cabinet color, I wanted to change our countertops as well.  Someday we hope to have granite or quartz but right now that is not an option.  I painted the cabinets and I saw a few examples of painting countertops floating around on the Internet so we decided to jump in and try it.
The countertop color before.
We used Zinnser primer to cover the existing color and I lightly sanded the surface before I applied it.  Three coats later the countertop  was covered and then my husband and I used acrylic paint with a sea sponge to add the design.  It took about two hours to get the look we wanted buy we were pleased with the results.  The colors we used were: Antique Parchment, Vanilla Ice Cream, Melted Chocolate, Lite Mocha, and Licorice.  Then we put polycrylic on the top because polycrylic will not yellow but polyurethane will.  I did five coats and so far they are holding up great.

The countertops without the polycrylic on.

The finished product.

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