Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Fun

Last summer we started doing a bucket list of sorts with fun ideas for summer fun.  We explored new parks and did science experiments and art projects.  We built a PVC pipe sprinkler set.  This year now that school is finally out we sat down and determined what we wanted to do this summer.

Shaddow Puppet Box
Animal Grass Heads
Make a Mini Robot
Make Slime
Marshmallow Shooters
Vinegar Ice
Water Slide
Bouncing Bubbles
Freeze Dough
Magic Milk Pictures
Crystallized Snowflakes
Lego Movie
Puff Paint
Water Pistol Target Practice
Pool Noodle Games
Sponge Bombs
Ice Cream in a Bag

We are still planning on exploring new local parks with picnic lunches once a week and finding time to cool off in the water.  If you want more ideas you can check with us throughout the summer or check my Pinterest page Activities for Kids.

We also wake up every morning and do "Notebooks" and each child practices math and writing, and this year some Spanish and Cursive.  I usually just pick up a notebook from Costco and we do a page or two a day and then work on any skills they need for the upcoming school year.  (Since my kids are young that includes tying shoes, learning address, phone number, and basic computer stuff.)  We also work on memorizing the Articles of Faith.

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