Thursday, June 6, 2013

PVC Sprinklers

Last summer we started doing summer fun.  We did a special activity everyday with different themes.  One of the days we did something that involved water.  I had this grand plan to have this Sprinkler kit that would involve all these fancy twist and pipes.  What happened was I bought some 3/4 inch PVC pipe and I took them home and cut them into different lengths. ( A side note on cutting PVC pipe- hacksaws do work but a pipe cutter is so much easier and the cut is smoother.)
I also bought a bag of 3/4 inch elbows with slip on both sides, then I bought a bag of 3/4 inch tee pack with slip on all sides (the bags each came with ten but you can buy all individually.)  I picked up four pvc streamline caps and a threaded adapter to hook onto the hose.  After the pipes were cut, I did a few 4 1/2 feet and four 1 1/2 feet, before I just started cutting different lengths.  Then I took the drill out, used whatever bit my husband had on and drilled holes in the pipe just on one side.  When we put it together I opted not to use cement because we want to be able to design new sprinklers whenever we want.

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  1. This is on my summer bucket list! I just have to get Hubby on it. Looks so fun!


    1. My kids love making new Sprinklers each time they play. Good luck with your project.