Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lifesaver Thank you

My two oldest boys are playing baseball this year.  The oldest in machine pitch and the other in t-ball.  Well they both happen to play on the same days, usually at the same time, and in completely different parks.  Isn't that how it always works?  Well my husbands schedule is such that he is unable to help with driving or attending.  Anyways I have a dear friend whose family has been helping get my son to or from some of the games and I wanted to do a simple thank you.  I got the mason jar with a handle from Walmart for less than a dollar and then a big bag of lifesaver hard candies.  I put the two together and wrapped some baker's twine around it and attached a tag.  I know that it is not much but I hope that it at least conveyed a little about how grateful I am for their help.

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