Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Future Field Day Ideas

So today I do not have an actual post.  I have several fun things going on but have not had the time to edit photos or write something up.  I spent the day yesterday making, well bagging, cotton candy, about 850 bags. (Have you ever made cotton candy?  The ladies actually spinning the stuff were practically covered in sugary fluff and anyone standing next to them had pieces in their hair.  My kids enjoyed catching the stray pieces and eating them.) Then today I was up bright and early and spent the day running around taking care of odds and ends for field day. I just want to quickly jot a few notes down for the future:
1. Have maps of the field for volunteers and rotating schedule
2. Try blocks of ice in the water coolers at the water station
3. Do fewer games for the Kindergarten
4. The older grades turned the egg spoon relay into football
5. Good old fashioned rope works great for the Tug 'o War
6. Think about laminating the signs for the stations
The people who were in charge did a great job and things ran really smoothly and I hope that things will work next year.  This year we had nine stations with 15 minutes at each station and 2 of those minutes were spent "cleaning up" and rotating to the next.  The kids had a ton of fun and the above notes were suggestions of things that might be helpful for next year.  I will share my experiences next year in detail but for now here are a few notes to start off with.

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