Tuesday, July 2, 2013

World UFO Day and Homemade Slurpee's

Today was World UFO Day, we did a few simple things to celebrate.  We went on a bike ride to find UFOs in our town.  (We were unsuccessful, we didn't even see birds or planes.)  Then we watched the movie Planet 51 where an American astronaut lands on a planet inhabited by little green men that are living in the 1950's.  While we watched the movie we enjoyed some homemade slurpee's.  As part of our "Make your Summer a Flip not a Flop" Relief Society activity we received a handout to make Kool-Aid slurpee's and after our hot search for UFOs we needed a cool treat.
You need a Kool-Aid packet, sugar, club soda (we only had Sprite in the pantry, so we just used that) ice and a blender.

Kool-Aid Slurpee's

1 kool-aid packet any flavor
1/2 c Sugar
2 c club soda, separated
2 1/2 c ice

In a blender combine the packet, sugar and 1 cup of soda.  Pulse until sugar is dissolved.
Add ice and blend until smooth.
Add the last cup of soda and blend until incorporated.
Pour into cups and freeze for 30 minutes.  (We skipped this step and it was still cool and refreshing.)
When time is up add straws and slurp.

If you want more ideas for summer fun with unique National Holidays you can check out my post here and see which ones we choose and links to more.

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