Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Hairties

I always see cute hairties on Pinterest and the price tag always seems so high.  I did a quick search on Pinterest and found a DIY fromm Oceanside Daydreams.  The whole thing seems really simple it is just fold over elastic that can be found at fabric stores or even craft stores and you tie a knot and prevent the ends from fraying.

I did a Google search for fold over elastic and I found this cute shop Sunshine Shoppe.  They have a huge selection of fold over elastic that they sell by the yard for $0.50-$1.10 (and they have sales).
They have glitter elastic, neon elastic, chevron elastic, stripes, velvet elastic, and hair ties already made starting at $0.75.  (This is not a sponsored post, I just like to share where I find good deals or supplies to use in crafting.  I like that you can purchase a little or a lot as long it is in one yard increments.)  You can find the elastic from The Sunshine Shoppe here.

To make the hairties you just cut the elastic to whatever length you desire - the red, white and blue ones are 8 inches and the neon ones are 6 inches, for my daughter.  I can wrap the 8 inch ones twice around my hair when I have it all up and the 6 inch ones wrap twice around my daughter's hair when it is all up.  I read somewhere that you should cut the elastic to 9 inches.  

Once the elastic is cut you tie a knot and heat seal the ends (which means just passing the elastic near a flame to prevent fraying) and that's it.  I made four hair ties out of a yard at the 8 inch size and there was a little leftover to do a 5 inch for my daughter too. 

Update 7/16/13: I made some hair ties for me at 10 inches and I like them much better.  They wrap around all my hair three times.

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