Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stenciled Band Shirts

Two of my sons and one of their friends are in a band. When my dad was younger he was in a band called "Expression" and they had matching outfits and got paid $3.50 to play cardboard box drums at a girl's birthday party. So naturally when he heard that my kids were doing a band, they needed a gig for $3.50.  So we hired them for our Summer Solstice Party.

My oldest son designed it the way he wanted the shirt.  When we got to Walmart to pick up a shirt we couldn't find a gray one with a pocket, or a shirt color that had all their sizes.  We finally settled on blue with yellow paint.

I used my Silhouette to design his shirt and I cut it out with freezer paper to make a stencil.

Then I ironed on the stencil putting the shiny side on the shirt.

Then I added yellow glow acrylic paint.  I was having trouble getting this color to show up on the shirt so I put the paint on really thick.

Then I let the paint dry and pulled off the transfer paper and we had band shirts.

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