Sunday, September 1, 2013

Easy Elastic Headbands

So now that fall is getting into the picture, our life is just as busy as ever.  I have finally reached that point in the mom universe where I get to live in my car.  Which pretty much puts a lot of my creating and fun projects on hold... or at least causes them to stretch out over incredibly long periods of time.  Today I am going to share a really easy project that I made for my daughter's party favor.  When I ordered elastic for my DIY Hairties  I also order a lot of purple elastic, her current favorite color, to make something for her party.

I wanted to make some headbands for the girls to go in their favor bags.  I took some fold over elastic that I got from Sunshine Shoppe and I measured 15" for the girls. (The sunshine shoppe also has a list of measurements for newborns to adults found here.)  I heat sealed all the edges by slowly passing a flame near the edges, to prevent fraying.  Then I grabbed my trusty glue gun, put on a dab of glue and overlapped the edges.

I wanted the headband to be able to have accessories-flowers and other clips- that could be interchangeable so I took enough elastic to overlap my edges and I hot glued it to the inner part of the headband.  This created a flap that will allow clips to be inserted in and there you have it.

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